Is 2017 the year of OTT?

Learn about the trends and best practices for marketers looking to take advantage of the opportunities provided by emerging OTT formats in dataxu's latest webinar.

Is 2017 The Year Of OTT? Webinar with DataXu's Adam Markety and Forrester Research's Jim Nail Head Shots
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The television landscape has been full of ups and downs over the last few years. Cord cutters are on the rise and viewership numbers are migrating across devices. But a consistent bright spot remains in connected TV. OTT TV viewership is exploding, with more than a 50% increase year-over-year. As audiences continue to expand their viewing horizons across content platforms and devices, marketers can capitalize on these trends in a variety of ways.

In this webinar, dataxu’s Senior Director of TV Solutions Adam Markey and guest speaker Forrester Research Principal Analyst Jim Nail, provide key insights and takeaways such as:

  • Prepare for the future. In less than 5 years, viewership via OTT will overtake traditional TV. Media planners & buyers will need to supersize their analytical skills.
  • Invest in your data infrastructure. This will continue to pay dividends as data-driven targeting is fundamentally changing the way linear TV is being bought and sold.
  • Start testing. Find a transparent, trustworthy partner with the right capabilities to help you understand the way TV fits into your entire digital portfolio.

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