The importance of transparency in programmatic marketing

Transparency Webinar

Preview and Speakers for Webinar: Webinar Replay: The Importance of Transparency in Programmatic Marketing

When it comes to buying media programmatically, transparency is critical.

At dataxu we believe that brands and agencies that demand transparency around price, placement, tactics and tools can deliver stronger returns on their media budgets and extract more accurate insight about their best customers.

Join Martin Brown, VP, Managing Director UK and Nordics for an insightful webinar on the 26. March to discuss the key issues surrounding transparency, along with specific questions you need to ask your vendors to ensure you’ll get it for your campaigns.

Original Recording Date: 26th March

Presenter: Martin Brown, VP, Managing Director UK and Nordics, dataxu

Complete the short form on to replay this interactive webinar as Martin discusses one of the most important topics in our industry today.

This webinar also explores the recently published dataxu whitepaper, “What We Talk About When We Talk About Transparency” which is available for download today if you’d like to do some pre-reading.

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