Marketing in the programmatic age

Roundtable series January 2015

Report Cover Preview: Marketing in the Programmatic Age: Roundtable Series 2015
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During Q3 and Q4 of 2014, dataxu sponsored a series of six roundtable events across the US—Marketing in the Programmatic Age: Trends to Watch—where we invited over 300 marketers from brands and agencies to discuss the timely trends and topics with the potential to have the greatest impact on their programs and organizations. We’ve distilled the countless hours of discussions into a new report with the invaluable learnings and best practices from those in the programmatic trenches in their own words.

You’ll also find information and insights about adapting to the programmatic age, including:

  • Ad Fraud
  • Transparency
  • Viewability
  • Data and Consumer Intelligence
  • And much more…

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