Kickstarting programmatic self-serve

A best practices guide to taking programmatic in-house

Best Practices Cover:  Programmatic In-House Best Practices Guide
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Programmatic marketing platforms offer the promise of new customer insight, better scale, and greater efficiency. And many marketing professionals are asking whether the benefits are even greater if they use the platforms themselves.

Whether you’re in the earliest stages of evaluating programmatic marketing platforms, or you’ve already made the decision to run one, it helps to know what it takes to operate a platform in-house. This short primer helps you assess what you’ll need to make the leap. In the report, you’ll find:

  • What factors make programmatic harder, and easier
  • How to estimate how much time it takes to run a programmatic campaign
  • How to hire for programmatic
  • What to look for from a platform vendor
  • And much more…

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