Deploying machine learning techniques at petabyte-scale

Learn how dataxu maintains agility while taking a product from the initial R&D phase to full production.

Machine Learning Webinar Headshots Saket Sunanda and Maximo from DataXu
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Processing two petabytes of data, responding to ad auctions at a rate of 2.7 million requests per second and running 24 x 7 across five continents is all in a day’s work for dataxu's platform.

Have you ever wondered how this is all accomplished? Beyond the genius of our engineers and data scientists, it requires enabling technologies such as Apache Spark and Databricks.

Watch the webinar now to learn:

  • How dataxu's engineers solve for the challenges of using technologies in a petabyte-scale machine learning system
  • Best practices for utilizing these technologies at scale
  • Steps for successful utilization from processing and model testing all the way to interactive analytics

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