dataxu + LiveRamp IdentityLink™

Maximize reach of valuable customer data across all screens

dataxu + LiveRamp IDL targets people, not cookies. 

In a world where leveraging consumer identity data is table stakes, it’s more important than ever to maximize your valuable consumer data across all marketing touchpoints. Maintain data integrity with dataxu’s LiveRamp IdentityLink™ (IDL) native integration, proven to increase onboarding match rates by 20% or more.

How it works: 

Using an IDL, a persistent unique identifier that, unlike cookies, is associated with a person’s ID, significantly reduces the threat of data loss and results in a 100% audience match rate when activated on dataxu’s DSP, TouchPoint™. As a result, achieving optimal reach across all touchpoints, including household level targeting on TV, is now a reality. 



Maximize your 1PD today: 

  • Reach your valuable 1PD audiences on TV: dataxu’s OneView™ graph links IDLs to household IDs enabling effective CTV targeting against your CRM data
  • Maximized unique reach: Leveraging IDL data with dataxu limits data loss that normally occurs in the cookie-based ad tech architecture.
  • Improve overall campaign performance: dataxu’s open and flexible identity management architecture, OneView™, can ingest any identify token, including IDLs, in real-time for optimized bid responses and increase ROI


To learn more about targeting your CRM database - with zero waste - everywhere, including TV, contact our team today.

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Maximize reach of valuable customer data across all screens, including TV

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