Deconstructing Ad Fraud


Preview and Speakers for Webinar: Deconstructing Ad Fraud, EU Webinar

Deconstructing Ad Fraud: Insights, Impact and Best Practices for Marketers

A Webinar from DataXu and DoubleVerify.

Fraud is a tough and growing problem, but there is a path forward. If there’s one thing you can take from this webinar, it’s that you need to take action to fight fraud. What you will learn

  • The current state of fraud in the ad tech value chain
  • The different types of ad fraud that impact marketing investments
  • The impact of ad fraud across key marketing KPIs
  • DoubleVerify and DataXu’s partnership aimed at battling the bots
  • Best practices to protect your investments from fraudsters

Rory Edwards, GM Media Quality, DataXu
Aaron Doades, VP Digital Quality Solutions, DoubleVerify

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