Debunking The Myth of Programmatic TV: A #NoFilter Close-Up

MMA + dataxu Webinar

DataXu Programmatic TV Webinar
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The advertising industry is continuously changing, and we as marketers must learn to change with it.

TV viewing in particular has shifted in practice and mindset away from one specific place. Connected TV has in many ways taken the place of traditional TV, and this dramatic shift in consumer behavior has given rise to the concept of “television everywhere.” But CTV is still in its infancy, and confusion remains around the unique benefits and opportunities programmatic TV offers to advertisers.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Clear explanations of the differences between the three varieties of “Programmatic TV”
  • The four unique benefits PTV offers to marketers
  • How to use digital data to extend audiences to Connected TV

Presenters: Tore Tellefsen, VP of TV Solutions, dataxu; Leo Scullin, VP of Industry Programs, Mobile Marketing Association

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