Data-driven digital transformation

How to use data to achieve your key business goals

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As a modern marketing professional, you likely know that 1st-party data is one of the most valuable assets in fueling marketing success. However, many of today’s marketing professionals aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to activating their own data or their client’s data.

In this ANA Forward article, dataxu’s CRO, Ed Montes, shares advice from dataxu customer HPE to help guide marketing professionals towards using data successfully. The story dives into how HPE and its agency Digitas used data activation to successfully achieve the brand’s business goals.

Download the article now and learn how to better leverage first-party data and technology to achieve industry-leading results. You will get:

  • Three essential tips on how to implement data activation to fuel a successful digital transformation
  • Four key marketing use cases for 1st-party data
  • Spotlight Q & A with Susan Popper, SVP of Experience Marketing at HPE

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