Data activation: the
key to cross-device marketing

dataxu's latest webinar takes a deep dive into data to help marketers learn how to activate their 1st and 3rd-party data like a pro.

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Do you know how to leverage your brand's 1st-party data and expand your audience via 3rd-party data, all while staying on the right side of consumer privacy laws? Check out this webinar, co-hosted with the ANA and Acxiom, to learn how you can activate your data to create highly relevant, personalized messages.

In this webinar, Gar Smyth, dataxu’s VP of Marketing, and Acxiom’s Senior Sales Director David Wells and Senior Digital Strategist Linda Harrison, provide key insights and takeaways such as:

  • How to integrate data activation into your identity management solution
  • Use real world demographic data to significantly enhance your online digital marketing
  • Nearly all marketers have 1st-party data (so chances are that you do, too)

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