Why data activation is table stakes in 2019

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Many businesses have been collecting valuable customer data for a number of years now. But many are still not managing to break down the silos between data sets, missing out on a truly holistic view of their consumers and marketing touchpoints, and the ability to activate this data on media investments in real time.

The impact of failure to activate your data can be catastrophic. It’s most felt by the consumer – when their experience with your brand is not personalised, relevant or compelling. For the advertiser, this translates to a waste of your data and media investments, but more importantly, you’ve missed out on generating potential revenue.

In this video interview, Mike Shaw, VP EMEA at dataxu explains:

  • The consequences of ignoring this vital part of your data strategy
  • The opportunities available to businesses now to build incremental value from their data
  • The size of the prize to be had from successful data activation

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