Transform your client’s 2018 TV buys

It’s time to double down on Advanced TV

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The world of TV advertising is changing, fast. The advent of Advanced TV is helping marketing professionals like you deliver effective, one-to-one TV advertising on behalf of your clients, and actually connect TV advertising back to sales.

In the face of this new TV world, we want you to feel empowered and ready to take on anything. And so we put together some key information that will help you take charge of Advanced TV. Check out this e-book to discover:

  • The differences between Connected TV, Addressable TV, and Programmatic Linear
  • Four example use cases for Advanced TV for your clients
  • The broad reach of Advanced TV formats across the globe

Discover how you can make the most of all that Advanced TV has to offer with this comprehensive guide. Fill out the form to tune in to Advanced TV now!

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